Let’s show P-Dub (Paul Wesley) our support in Miami!

In occasione della partecipazione di Paul alla tappa dell' Hot Topic TVD cast tour il prossimo 23 Ottobre a Miami le fans che prenderanno parte all'evento sono invitate a creare un poster per mostrare a Paul il loro supporto!
Condivido la news per unirmi al nostro affiliato PaulWesleyFans e aiutarlo a diffondere l'iniziativa, dal momento che anche fans straniere frequentano questo sito!; )

Inoltre, per seguire l'evento di Miami vi informo che itskaylaaa26 sarà presente come corrispondente speciale per il loro sito! Seguitela su twitter!

This post is to spread the word about this amazing idea!
From PaulWesleyFans:

As you may have heard Paul is coming to Miami’s Hot Topic 23rd. We thought it would be amazing if Paul looked out in the crowd and saw so many posters for him and including his nickname (which he loves BTW ). He truly adores his fans and this is a way to show him you all support him and love his work. This will also get the word out to many others ( probably in some closet, we can ease them out ) that do not know about his amazing nickname. So here is what you do, simple.
If you are going to the event, make a poster, make sure somewhere on the poster is ‘We love you P-Dub.’

That’s it. Take a picture of the poster and email them to me by the 21st, Email me at Sharie@paulwesleyfans.com. I will assemble the posters in a photobucket gallery and send off to Paul to give him a heads up. 

Gotta Love the P-Dub!

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