E' arrivata la 'Only Paul Wesley Gallery'

Finalmente oggi è arrivata la nuova gallery!
Ci ho messo molto impegno, non è ancora del tutto completa come vorrei, ma è in continuo aggiornamento!Spero vi piaccia!

Finally came the gallery!
I put a lot of efford on it, is not yet totally completed as I wish, but it will be constantly updated!
Hope you like it!

I divided the photoshoots section in three different kinds:
'Photoshoots & Portraits' ( not related to movies or events )
'Events Photoshoots' ( in occasion of public appearances )
'Promo Photoshoots' ( related to movies and tv series )

In the 'screencaps' section you find caps form movies, tv series and video appearances.
And in 'Candids and personal' you can find pics from cast twitters, paparazzi takes, not promotional behind the scenes and fan's photos.

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